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What Viagra better ?

Men suffering from sexual debility, with every passing year it becomes more. This contributes to a number of reasons beyond the control of the human factor. The increasing pace of our lives leads to a huge amount of stress, which coupled with poor environmental conditions provoke as the deterioration of health in General and reduce men's potential in particular. If there is improper diet and the presence of destructive habits, it increases the opportunity to earn erectile disorder since a young age. Fortunately, pharmacists have already developed several drugs to combat sexual dysfunction. For example, medicament Viagra, recommended them as the most efficient and safe solution to a delicate problem.

The convenience of the drug is that it can be applied regardless of the meal, because the rate of absorption of the drug in the blood does not affect the quantity and quality of food eaten. In addition, Viagra in comparison with other similar drugs, has only a small number of side effects. The drug is completely safe for those who have no contraindications for its use.

Remember that Viagra doesn't cause arousal in men. It acts only as a male potency enhancer, which will not occur without sexual intercourse, that will not bring the man any inconvenience and unplanned erections.

Viagra Soft

This is a more convenient version of the original Viagra, which is different method of application. Release Viagra Soft in the form of small drops with orange flavor. The drug dissolves under the tongue, which reduces the absorption of the drug in the blood 15-20 min. So the effect of sexual readiness is achieved faster than with ordinary Viagra. Its main advantage is simplicity in application. Viagra Soft is the ideal solution to sexual dysfunction in cases where there is no possibility to take a pill. During a party, a trip, or in those circumstances when you want to have spontaneous sex, Viagra Soft helps a man to quickly and effectively prepare for sexual intercourse. However, he is easily combined with food and alcohol.

Is produced Viagra Soft in different dosages: 20 or 40 mg. In the second case, the dose is doubled, which helps the active ingredient to be absorbed faster (about 15 minutes).

The manufacturer claims that the use of Viagra Soft man will not get any unpleasant consequences. It does not affect the heart and blood pressure, reduces vision and does not affect the sperm.

Viagra Gel

The latest development, designed for those who already managed to estimate advantages Viagra tablets. Viagra gel – a proven tool in a new form. In what of advantage of such variety Viagra? Gel is better absorbed through the oral mucosa, due to which the effect occurs much faster.

Available Viagra Gel in small bags. A set of seven pieces presented different smells. Chocolate, cherries, or grapes and tasty, and effective. It works Viagra Gel less efficiently than pills. But while it is convenient to carry in your pocket and apply when it is most needed. Make the product is shown strictly oral, zapivaniya water it requires.

A definite answer to the question of which Viagra is better not to find. The active substance in all three forms of the drug are identical, they differ only superficially. Influence on potency in all varieties Viagra equally effective and long lasting, but which drug to use in each situation, you decide. Before applying you should get an appointment with your doctor. Perhaps he can help with the choice.

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