Viagra reviews

George, 48 years

I'm 48, with an erection all right, but began to notice that began to disappear and the brightness of orgasm, thinking of habits with one partner tried with another lady, the effect is the same. I was on vacation, went to the urologist, explained the situation, he was posadowa simple questions, reassured, as it should be , tea is not 18, but fixable, appointed after some research viagra 50 mg Dosage I myself picked up. Its recommendation 25 mg helped so-so, still no brightness as in former years,bought the 100 mg, read on sites, men a half start, and if you want to extend the buzz, another half. I have half a tablet at night effect it is, but not as expected, am still half, B11, meeting, the riser as at 16, orgasm,suddenly so bright, moaning probably more than the partner,with a break of 1 hour 2 times finished. All of the side effects as described, a stuffy nose almost immediately after the first half, bearable, if you went to bed, the head does not hurt, if the day took like half a bottle of vodka, feeling, then realized that with the Advil 2 tablets at a time, and no headaches,a little sore from all this back, but not the fact that viagra, I want to believe that sexual activity during his admission.Verdict, the original is a little expensive, so ordered a generic is not yet probal, I hope, if not fake not worse. In General effect it is happy, 36-hours approximate time steps, then there is a smooth decrease, can be used, but not abused.


I have a problem with fast erection. After reading reviews took as viagra 30 minutes before sex didn't help. Started to operate after 4 hours,a friend went rasstroena.and tobacco itself will not stand if there is no desire. The effect is you can use

Muchacho, 31

Recently there was a "misfire", it is not necessary, and all hands and mouth did not help. The viagra pill was lying in this case. Pull up to the kitchen, took the HALF and quickly washed down with a glass of water. After 30 minutes, the first signs of swelling on the right, and then solid erection! Well, not constantly, and immediately start petting. Had great sex! Would work until I fell asleep. Side effects: red cheeks, a stuffy nose, head like a mild hangover, small animal aggression (I usually softer). All by-passed by morning. For the next day at work periodically gets :-) Happy with the result! Full tablet 20 mg have not tried to take, because half was enough.

Eugene, 34 years

The problems with treccia do not feel, but because I planned a trip to the sauna with the fair sex and to stretch the fun, I decided to try cheap viagra original. After taking the tablets drinking alcohol, but after came to sex (b/W 8hours)- with result it is happy, the girl also was very happy because I reached orgasm several times. Side effects: the next day a small headache and stuffy nose, but it could be the effect of alcohol :).

Alex, 60 years

viagra really works. Took 2 times. First time took 10 mg, doubt in action. Two hours later, took another 10 mg. the Sex was even after two hours the Sex was a Bang. The drug worked 36 hours after the first dose. The second time took only 10 mg. it was great. Operated 36 hours.

Alex, 43 years

For several years viagrae. Yes, it's expensive. Yes sore head slightly and guts uncomfortable. But the wife and the mistress and I am very satisfied with my sexual abilities. You can not steamed question will stand/will not stand up and with full dedication to get pleasure from intimacy. And headache and dyspepsia being treated with dipyrone (although I have a headache scoring and do not pay attention because the pain background and even then not always) and Bifiform to normalize in the intestines. Good luck!!

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